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Bluehost Review 2021: Why it Still Performs Better for WordPress Sites

WordPress has been the most popular blogging platform for nearly 2 decades especially for independent influencers, entrepreneurs…even gaming blogs like TornadoTwistar that trust this platform 100%. For starters, finding the best hosting platform that works with WordPress has it’s choices…Bluehost is the one hosting platform that works the best with WordPress integration for a variety of reasons. In this article, we’ll review the benefits Bluehost brings to why it is one of the best hosting platforms to use with WordPress in 2021.

5 Reasons Why Bluehost is the Best for WordPress

There are many other hosting platforms that would work alongside WordPress to help build a blogging website for anyone which makes picking a hosting platform a “personable preference” on who is trusted and who can’t.

For me, it’s personal preference as well; but, it’s with good reasons and the benefits of choosing Bluehost instead of say Siteground, HostGator, or a similar platform that in my views don’t perform as well or have the perks to compete with Bluehost.

Explained below is the top 5 reasons on why Bluehost works the best with WordPress…including with TornadoTwistar Gaming to host a video game review website and blog hands down.

Reason #1: Bluehost Provides a Free Domain for New Accounts

As a way of taking Bluehost’s host services for a “test drive,” one of the best benefits of Bluehost is getting a free domain for the first year along with the WordPress shared hosting plan.

By taking the trial run of the domain name provided, it gives the opportunity and power to the people to either stick with the Bluehost domain or easily transfer the domain after the 1-year trial ends to another domain provider like Namecheap.

If going the transfer route, Bluehost easily allows an easy transfer of the domain as long as the domain meets the 60-90 day age threshold and the domain has already been “unlocked” by Bluehost.

By this fact alone, anybody is not wise to take advantage of the free domain when creating a WordPress hosting account with Bluehost the first time.

For reference on how to transfer the domain to Namecheap, please refer to the tutorial here!

Reason #2: Very High Server Uptime

Everybody has probably known about the concern over “availability” since any down-time of a ecommerce website found on WordPress can have consequential effects from shipping delays, losing customers over-time, and revenue losses (a true scenario) from a manufacturers’ point of view) if a company’s website is not connecting on the customers end.

This is why the most important requirement when it comes to meeting a blog owner’s expectations is to ensuring the web host provider is “reliable” and the web services running on the current server infrastructure are available to keep the website up and running 24/7 productively without any delays.

Bluehost’s availability factor in the form of server uptime is in the top 5 best hosting platforms of 2021 with the current uptime being 99.9%+ on the current leased Linux server shared to us (the current version of Linux Kernel used at the time of this article is 5.10.1).

Reason #3: Easy CloudFlare DNS Integration

My favorite benefit of using Bluehost that still stands in 2021 is the opportunity of migrating CloudFlare DNS servers over to Bluehost…the best part is it’s a simple and free process to move between DNS servers.

Since Bluehost only has a single server farm located in the state of Utah where their headquarters are, the load-time performance could possibly take more time for your WordPress web site visitors to load up your blog’s contents depending on where the traffic is originating from in the world.

By swapping to CloudFlare DNS servers within the Bluehost cPanel, the site loading performance and content caching would improve due to the numerous proxy servers located around the world being closer to each site’s visitors geo location.

On top of this benefit, there is the other benefit of using less server resources including processing power since you would be using CloudFlare resources and not Bluehost resources; but, Bluehost servers would serve as the “fallback” resources in case of a rare failure with the CloudFlare proxy servers.

Reason #4: Included SSL Website Certificate

On the end of web browsing security, Bluehost does include a free SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate with every web hosting plan including with the WordPress shared hosting plan.

Having a SSL certificate is a beneficial for verification purposes to tell web crawlers that your WordPress site is not only legit; but also a way of saying your website is not “fake.”

Also, a SSL Certificate installed on a WordPress site is a major benefit for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to boost page ranking on the side of organic search engine marketing (SEM).

The only tip is to install the Really Simple SSL plugin in WordPress in order to install the SSL certificate on your WordPress site.

Reason #5: Up/Down Scalability Options

Starting out with a new domain and fresh website with little to no traffic, the shared WordPress option is a great entry level option to start with while you’re able to grow the quality of your site’s content over-time.

However, the 50gb storage may not be enough for major ecommerce websites that have a lot of database tables that use a majority of storage space.

This is where moving to a managed WordPress option can handle automatic scalability both up and down based on how much traffic you’re getting in real-time to content taking up space.

Other Bluehost Benefits

On the technical side of WordPress hosting from Bluehost, the cPanel in Bluehost easily allows someone with tech-savvy experience like myself the opportunity to update the PHP version of my WordPress site to the current version easily without going into the File Manager.

Speaking of the File Manager in Bluehost, there is the option to uploading a verification file in your website’s root directory (this would be the public_html folder) if wanting to verify your website ownership for Pinterest or Google Webmaster.

Finally, Bluehost has 24/7 technical support anytime you need it if needing additional help solving 304 and 503 errors (304 is a HTTP request error while 503 describes a server unavailable error) to fixing database errors caused by plugins or WordPress updates.

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