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Watch Dogs Legion Trailer

We’re way beyond the normal and standard procedure of profiling people off the streets as well as recruitment for the group “hacker rebels” that go by the name “DedSec,” this time around Watch Dogs Legion heads to London, England to fight back not only against martial law in the country; but, to fight back against a private mercenary group called “Albion” and their technological control over the control…You know what that means, Open Hacker Season.

London is fair game for DedSec, recruit anyone you believe would be beneficial (including the innocent-looking granny that wouldn’t supposedly harm a fly) and an asset to DedSec to fight for the cause in taking backing the city to playing as the recruits whether it’s former MI5 agents to ex-military cut-outs that have combat experience to make up your “muscle” or the skilled individuals that have the hacking skills to hack into anything anywhere.

Get ready for the next chapter of Watch Dogs to rock your world, Watch Dogs: Legion is set for release on March 6th, 2020!

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