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Logitech G27 Racing Wheel Review

There are quite a few racing games that have hit the market over the years whether you are a fan of Gran Turismo, Forza Motorsports, or even someone that plays on a well-known racing simulator like iRacing. Everyone should know that having a good entry-level racing wheel is the best option for playing on any racing games. This popular racing wheel is the Logitech G27 Racing Wheel and you’ll see why so many people are using this racing wheel for all racing games on the PC.

Why the Logitech G27 Racing Wheel is popular?

The Logitech G27 Racing Wheel and Pedal set has been one of the best force feedback wheels around that give the ultimate feel and response with every racing surface there is. In addition, it is one of the only few that gives every user a chance to understand the handling of the race-car as well as understand where all the weight transfer is going in the chassis of the car.

This wheel allows you to feel those things out in your sim racing experience with any car that you are driving whether it is for racing on asphalt oval or on the road-course.

A majority individuals that I have interacted with on iRacing in the past tell me that the Logitech G27 Racing Wheel works the best when racing in the Camping World Truck Series (Class C), XFINITY Series (Class B), and Sprint Cup Series (Class A).

Some people are proud about the G27 Wheel being consistent and outstanding with its user modifications that can help with customizing to your feel when racing as well as the physical mods that you can make to your own setup.

The G27 Wheel and Pedal set can be customized with add-ons such as keyboards, game boards, wireless mouses, etc. that makes interaction easier than ever. No more reaching over the steering wheel in order to type a chat message on your computer during a race.

Of course, this wheel and pedal set can be used in a cockpit or stand setup if you don’t want to put a dent in that wooden dining room table or that expensive office desk.

The force feedback of the G27 Wheel is not as powerful on the iRacing racing simulator where it doesn’t necessarily snatch the wheel out of your hand when you go over a set of bumps. It’s also one of those racing wheels that allows you to catch a loose car more often than others where you have no chance either way.

G27 Racing Wheel Features

Racing Steering Wheel Stand for Logitech G27 Wheel

The Logitech G27 Racing Wheel and pedal set features a 6-speed shifter with RPM indicator lights displayed on the shifter.

As an alternative, the G27 Racing Wheel is easier to shift with as the two “paddle shifters” can be calibrated and used instead of the 6-speed shifter if you are not used to the typical shifting. I found that the paddle shifters work the best on the road-course than the oval and the 6-speed shifter works great on the ovals without much stress.

The wheel itself is about 12 or 13 inches tall and wide with leather support padding to get a good grip on the wheel. It is a decent size if you have small hands; but, if you have very big hands…this wheel might not work for you.

Of course, you could wear racing gloves for added grip or if you’re afraid of having blisters on your hands after a 2 or 3 hour stint in an endurance road race or after 200 laps in a NASCAR style race…that’s happened to me a few times when I never wore my racing gloves when handling my wheel.

The G27 Racing Wheel has 16 programmable buttons which you can assign in your racing simulator options tool box which you can program and optimize for pit road settings, adjustment settings, chat settings, volume, and more that you can do with the buttons on the wheel and shifter.

Calibration of the G27 Racing Wheel can be setup to your liking if you are looking for more of less turn in steering ratio. Some individuals can switch between custom settings such as going from a 180 degree ratio to a 360 degree ratio for more steering response.

The software program that comes with the G27 Wheel gives you the opportunity to test and set the wheel and pedal set configuration and calibration with Logitech’s software program. Of course, the instruction manual and troubleshooting guide for this wheel is on this software program.

For the pedals section, all 3 pedals (brake, clutch, and throttle) are made out of steel and are very easy to push down; but, literally it would be recommended to wear some of your racing shoes if you do not want to put your bare feet to sleep since the long races can put a wear-and-tear on your feet especially on the road courses.

The pedals included in the G27 Wheel set cannot be adjusted; but, they can be mounted and bolted to a cockpit setup or custom made stand if you want to go that route or if you want to go home-made with bolting it to a thin piece of pegboard or plywood and sliding it under your office chair to keep it from sliding, that is fine too.

Racing Wheel Compatibility

Logitech G27 Wheel setup with Sparco Racing Cockpit

Here is a List of requirements of the Logitech G27 Racing Wheel for the PC and PS3 that are in place for users who decide to use this racing wheel for racing:


  • Only can be used and programmed with Windows Vista or XP
  • 20MB of user disc drive space required
  • 2.0 USB Port Compatible
  • Must have a CD-ROM Drive on-board


  • Can only be used for PS3 Console
  • Only compatible with games that support force feedback wheels

Review Summary

  • Great wheel for beginner sim racers
  • Compatible with classic racing games such as Dirt to Daytona and older Gran Turismo games
  • Shifting indicator system on the wheel
  • Extremely limited customization parts
  • Stiff brake pedal dampening
  • No Xbox compatibility

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