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Rainbow Six Siege Review

2016 is finally here and we have some new exciting games coming this month and beyond; but, first we are going to start off the year with a review in Rainbow 6: Siege that most recently came out last December. So, we are going to jump into the features of the game and the pros and cons altogether to give us the final score of this new edition in the Tom Clancy family of video games

Terrorists Hunt is BAAACK!!!!

Yes, it’s back….Terrorists Hunt is back in Rainbow Six: Siege as the same solo or co-op multiplayer from Vegas and Vegas 2. The only exception is that the terrorists won’t really start coming your way when you fire the first shot like the previous games, this time around you as the player will need to infiltrate a little with the drone to find the terrorists.

If you decide to play this mode solo, it would be an idea to strategize with marking a few enemies at a time instead of using the drone to find all the terrorists at once in burning too much time since you only get 25 minutes to take down all terrorists.

If you are new to the Rainbow Six series, everyone should know that once most terrorists are eliminated in this game mode say with about 5 or so more to eliminate, then they will starting coming to you where they can be easy to eliminate or become a nightmare if they sneak up on you to shoot you in the back. So watch your back when you get down to the last few terrorists!

No Campaign…Only Scenarios

Rainbow Six Siege White Masks

Yep, the big surprise to Rainbow Six: Siege is the fact that there is no story mode or campaign in the game which proves to be one of the disappointments to this game as it would have been nice to have both a solo and co-op story mode to be made up to take down the individuals and leaders behind the “White Mask” Terrorists group as a big comeback for Team Rainbow .

Instead, Rainbow Six: Siege features scenarios which is sort of like tutorials or training missions for becoming a tactical SWAT team officer or a terrorist to attack and defend hostage and bomb objectives in which you learn about infilitration and survival altogether…and you got to learn anyways as it takes much practice to master each map to know where to set up traps, blockades, and reinforcing the walls to prevent attackers from breaching the objectives.

Everyone will find out the AI is very smart and sensitive on any difficulty in Rainbow Six: Siege, using the scenarios can help in getting the drop on the enemy with flanking maneuvers and using cover to stay out of the line of fire when put in a tight position.

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Pick Your Poison…Pick your Best Perks

Everyone gets a choice of playing with 22 different operators and characters who possess a certain special perk in the multiplayer mode of Rainbow Six: Siege.

To talk about a few operators, if you are wanting to get more firepower and armor but develop a defense post around an objective…then, you might find Tachanka in this game to be beneficial around close quarter hallways and other possible choke points with the RP-46 Machine Gun that can stop Rainbow Six Siege Great Destruction Systemanyone from passing through; but, the downside of Tachanka is the fact that he is very slow and can easily be picked off in the line of fire

Fuze is another operator in Rainbow Six: Siege worth playing with as his speciality perk involves breaching through walls and doors with APM-6 Cluster Charges which can be used to eliminate multiple enemies at a time. He also has a ballistic shield as a part of mobile armor which can be useful to block any rounds of ammo not to mention use the shield in face-to-face combat. The PMM pistol in Fuze’s arsenal can be useful with shield equipped to fire at free range in close quarter combat and it works decently without exposing yourself out in the open to enemy fire.

Operator FuzeThe only downside to using Fuze would be that you couldn’t use him for hostage situations since there can be a chance that if your trying to set off a cluster charge near the hostage, it could kill the hostage which would force your team in losing the match…so be aware of that and don’t do that since friendly fire is on in the multiplayer

A third recommended to use by us in Rainbow Six: Siege would be Bandit who has the capability of setting up CED devices which can be used to electrify barb wire or a wall. His perk has a great starting line of defense as the CED would work to destroy drones from finding the objectives and prevent enemies from climbing over deployable shields that you might place at a door way…It can stun the enemies enough to capitalize for the kill.

Armed with an M870 Shotgun as the logical choice, Bandit would be a decent close range defender who can do some real damage with some 12 gauge buckshot rounds and large barrel to reach a group of targets easily.

We saved the best for last for our most favorite operator…which is Thatcher, who is an SAS attack operator who can be a defense operators worst nightmare as he can take down all the traps like jammer devices, Bandit’s CED devices, and tripwires with EMP grenade rounds.

Thatcher has got go balance between speed and armor as well as a good customization of weapons including the HK33 assault rifle which has a high damage rate and semi/auto rate of fire with medium range to reach at long distances. Most importantly, Thatcher can stun enemies with his stun grenades for that opportunity to fire upon enemies while they can’t see.

Is Rainbow Six: Siege Worth It???

If anyone is into straight up first-person shooter games much less working as a team and developing tactics of attacking and defense much like what is seen in capture the flag or hardline game modes in call of duty games, then this game would be worth playing for hours.

Rainbow Six: Siege is not a typical run and gun type of game like the Battlefield and COD games as you will die very quickly…it requires everyone to watch the corners as well as develop the proper strategy in neutralizing the threats when they are more vulnerable and be smart in defense. Play this game only if you are willing to work as a team.

While I mentioned that it was disappointing to see that there is no campaign or main story in RS: Siege, it may prove to be the only thing to keep someone from trying this game out; but, on the upside Siege can be a starting point and test from all player opinions for UbiSoft to take some time to develop another counter-terrorism campaign with a new Team Rainbow generation in a new Rainbow Six game in the future that would work on a campaign to investigate the White Masks terrorists organization if it goes in that direction or similar to investigate another terrorists group.

Review Summary

  • Competitive multiplayer
  • No Campaign
  • Friendly-Fire is enabled always in multiplayer
  • Not enough solo and map content

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