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Best Gaming Desks of 2020

Before even trying to build a custom gaming PC or playing any video games to your own library, the first important detail of starting a gaming studio is acquiring stable and reliable furniture…

Ahem, a gaming desk that will support the 2 or 3 monitor display and organization as far as position of network equipment (router and modem) as well as the PC itself (if not wanting to place the PC on a nasty and potentially disgusting wooden floor).

For recommendations for game studio creation, I’ll be listing my Top 3 Best Gaming Desks of 2020 that would be suitable for a home office, game room/man-cave, and dorm room setting to setup shop for a gaming studio.

#1: Eureka Ergonomic L60 Gaming Desk

eureka ergonomic l60 gaming desk

Finding a gaming desk with a carbon fiber textured table top is unique and entirely rare compared to many other gaming desks, this rarity is found on the durable L60 Gaming Desk by Eureka Ergonomic.

The L60 Gaming Desk itself is a 60″ x 43″ desk that expands on all the space needed to mount possibly up to 3 floating monitors (up to 22″ in size) along with other customization features like 2 RGB color strips to light up both ends of the table…and a detachable cup holder for that morning “cup of joe.”

The real reason the Eureka Ergonomic L60 desk makes my Best Gaming Desk 2020 list is for its cable management benefit since it does include 2 cable grommets on each side of the table to channel the cables under the desk and the desk can equip a power strip storage box on the backside of the desk (around the center part of the desk) to keep the strip off the floor.

In addition to the power strip box, each ends of the L60 desk have cable management trays (also cable hangars are included for the 2 RGB light strip cables) that would help route USB, power, and Ethernet cords to prevent cables from forming a “rat nest.”

Everybody can see why this desk is my #1 favorite!

#2: Z-Line Belaire L-Shaped Gaming Desk

z line belaire best gaming desk 2020

Moving to another gaming desk that does the opposite in sacrificing cable management; but, does improve on space and organization benefits, the Z-Line Belaire Desk is considered the most fragile in the top 3 list as the table tops are made out of tempered glass.

The Z-Line Belaire desk is made out of a durable steel tubing construction that is rated to uphold up to 125Ibs. for both sides of the desk tops minus the top monitor shelf, corner section, and keyboard tray which are rated below 70Ibs…this means nobody should be placing an anvil even a full PC case on the table otherwise there will be a big glassy mess to clean up.

Another reason this L-Shaped desk would be suitable as a gaming desk is that it would be perfect for running a PC gaming studio on one end of the desk combined with dual 22″ monitors while the other end of the desk could be setup to have at least a 42″ TV with a gaming console or another PC station with a 27″ monitor to setup an independent video/audio editing studio as ideas for taking up space on this desk.

The only other slight downsides of the Z-Line Belaire desk would be that it will leave plenty of greasy fingerprint marks on the desk…that’s if deciding to eat those buffalo chicken wings at the desk (I’d rather see someone rub their eyes with hot sauce than lay their paws on my shiny glass top office desk, sorry!).

Lastly, if preparing to move to a new home/apartment/condo, then the glass table tops would almost always need to be removed in order to avoid bending and breaking them in transport as well as the top shelving cannot be removed since it is welded as part of the frame which takes away some personal preference to keep or remove.

#3: LUCKYERMORE 71″ L-Shaped Gaming Desk

luckyermore 71 inch gaming desk 2020

The final gaming desk represented in my list of best gaming desks of 2020 is not realistically an L-Shaped type of gaming desk…instead it is more of an U-Shaped or half U shape gaming desk made out of composite wood. This describes the structure of the LUCKYERMORE 71 Inch Desk that supports the heaviest weight out of the 3 desks on this list.

The LUCKYERMORE 71″ gaming desk supports up to a 440Ib. weight limit even with steel leg supports to back up the wood construction and prevent the whole desk from wobbling or make it look like a flimsy, cheap design.

Furthermore, this desk itself has both the removable storage shelf and keyboard tray as well as the potential capability of installing a separate headset stand or a USB charging station on the bottom side of the desk without having to plug a smartphone directly into the PC to reaching behind the desk to plugin a power adapter into a separate power strip just to place something on charge.

For the biggest benefit, a 40″ curved monitor would be optimal for this gaming desk since it would not only take up the most space; but, also fit similarly in the curve portion of the desk where the user would be sitting…

In terms of a general disadvantage, step-by-step installation is only in diagram form that can be hard for many beginner DIY individuals to understand. So for piece of mind, it would helpful to have some help putting the LUCKYERMORE 71″ desk together and is qualified to interpret better where each portion of the desk should go in the installation process.

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