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Best Bluetooth Headsets of 2020

Making up our list for the best bluetooth headsets of 2020 has never been so important since Bluetooth technology has never stopped in popularity due to its pairing capability with the latest Apple iOS 13 or Android 10 mobile operating systems.

With new developments in line with Bluetooth from 2020 onward to the recent releases of headsets like the Apple AirPods (sorry won’t be in our countdown list this time around!), the main benefits everybody will be looking for is a low latency and noise canceling option to provide the best sound quality on the go.

For our countdown list, we’ll be combining one earbud and one over-the-ear bluetooth headset typethat will make up the list and help in determining which one will be the best for the average streamer to the average musician who may do audio recordings.

For gaming headsets, please see our 2020 gaming headset list for what is best in PC gaming!

Which Bluetooth Headset is best for Music in 2020? Exercising?

Considering the point that there are different types of Bluetooth headsets, wireless Bluetooth earbuds may not necessarily work for a user while exercising due to the simple fact that the earbuds will likely fall out while running on a treadmill or walking on a track (unless the earbuds have an ear hook to clamp over the ear).

An over-the-ear would be more suitable to stay on the user’s ears without vibrating loose or slipping due to some earbuds not being treated with sweat resistant material to stick on a user’s ear.

Another fact to take into consideration when comparing over-the-ear vs. earbud Bluetooth headsets is that over-the-ear headsets can provide the benefit of noise cancellation better than a typical earbud Bluetooth headset due to larger embedded sound drivers.

Also, over-the-ear headsets would have possible additional options to directly connect through a wired connection (like TRS or USB) if doing sound engineering work on a computer (this can be said the same when adding into the customization benefits).

Cowin E7 Over-the-Ear Bluetooth Headset

cowin e7 bluetooth headset best bluetooth headset 2020

With a built-in 600mAH Lithium Ion battery, the Cowin E7 Bluetooth headset can achieve up to 30 hours of use before having to recharge making it a top 5 pick for traveling consumers in the U.S.

ir?t=wp030 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B019U00D7KNoise-cancelling or noise-reduction is one main key feature that is needed the most when looking for a little privacy when flying in economy class on a plane to New York City or walking down the side walk of Main street

This is one feature the Cowin E7 over-the-ear Bluetooth headset has that will allow the average consume to allow a business call on their smartphone to be understood.

Resistant up to 50 dB (or compared to busy street traffic with honking horns), the Cowin E7 headset resists low-frequency sounds below 500 Hz that is achieved by the advanced noise cancelling technology and functions that make loud, annoying noises buffer down to mouse whispers (there is a setting between the on and off switch that enables the noise canceling when not listening to music)

Sounding off on the sound high-definition quality, this headset presents a bass quality compared to 80 dB sounds (don’t turn the volume up this loud, otherwise there will be no ear drums left to hear anything)…this is what is achieved with the 40mm sound drivers.

The other important aspect rarely seen with other headsets that is available with the Cowin E7 headset is that it supports NFC or near-field communications that makes 2-way communication simpler and eliminates longer processes with Bluetooth. The only downside is NFC support can only be used with Android (from the “Gingerbread”/2.3.3 version to present) phones.

Finally, the Cowin E7 headset can be converted to a wired headset with the TRS plug that comes with the headset if wanting to convert to PC or laptop usage (unless the computer has a Bluetooth card or USB adapter that will allow the headset to pair with the Bluetooth radio).

Vislla S7 Bluetooth Sport Earbuds

vislla s7 bluetooth earbuds best bluetooth headset 2020

Built with the recent Bluetooth 5.0 chip technology, the Vislla Sport Bluetooth Earbuds are capable of HD sound quality and automatically pair when taken out of the charging case.

ir?t=wp030 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07WWG151LSuitable in an “active” session on the treadmill or elliptical machine, a pair of ear-clip style ear buds meet this challenge especially in the case of the Vislla S7 Sport Bluetooth Earbuds and proves one of the best ear bud Bluetooth headsets in 2020.

The Vislla S7 ear buds can only hold an 8 hour charge time due to a combine 220 mAh Li-ion battery (110 mAh battery in each earbud) that is much less than the Cowin E7 headset mentioned before which makes the ear-buds for short-term usage only

Overall, the charge time these earbuds takes only between 2 to 3 hours to full charge and re-use again all because of the 500 mAh charging station that makes this happen.

There are 4 different modes built into the Vislla S7 earbuds that possibly no other Bluetooth earbuds have…the best modes include single ear mode that will allow each earbud to be independently used while the other earbud is on charge or not active and can be setup to be configured with a virtual assistant function like Apple Siri or Google Assistant.

The other 3 modes are the sharing mode that is the traditional mode of Bluetooth earbuds that will allow one earbuds audio/media to be shared to the other earbud and there is both the stereo/mono modes that are the channel modes as far as sound quality switching.

On the benefits side as well as a partial downside, the Vislla S7 earbuds also cancel out noise with its Binaural Calling function; but, it will only work if both earbuds are used on a call.

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