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5 Best Gaming Chairs in 2021

Finding comfort over a long period has always been a goal for many streamers including the pros that play in Call of Duty or even in Fortnite Pro Leagues need the comfort while putting in the hours and hours of game-play at hand. This is where we will describe and review 5 of the best gaming chairs in 2021 whether it is used for working from home or watching a movie on Amazon Prime from a custom-built gaming PC.

Which Gaming Chairs do the Pros use?

Before getting into our top 5 countdown list of gaming chairs, we have to first look at what type of gaming chair the pros and the major streamers are using.

Let me be clear about one detail, the type of gaming chair being used is NOT a typical office or secretary chair found at a local Office Depot store. Instead, most gamers are using a recline-style racing chair (or straight put a racing style office chair)…sorry, this is the type of chair that can’t be mounted to a racing rig!

The reason for using a racing gaming chair is all because the old days of taking a chair from the dining room table or even using a beanbag chair that don’t give any head, neck, and back support are things of the past despite being cost efficient and most importantly the average SIM racer and gamer puts in the 3-4 hour game-time average that requires comfort and less strain.

Most of the pros and even some of the professional streamers are using gaming chairs from manufacturers like EWin, DXRacer, Respawn, and more that are custom fitted to slim and large figured individuals (both light and heavy).

1. Ewin Champion Series Gaming Chair

ewin champion series gaming chair 2021

Starting out with one of the simplest designed gaming chairs built in our lineup, the Ewin Champion Series Gaming Chair is built to fit a semi-tall individual (at least up to 5’11”) and some durability despite the chair having an aluminum design.

For other facts, the Ewin Champion Series Gaming Chair can fit average individuals who have a body mass index of 25 or less…just don’t eat anymore hamburgers or have any more shakes otherwise you’ll be out of luck to not being able to fit in this chair any longer since this chair is rated for only 200 Lb.

The downside of this gaming chair is that it does not have a reclining foot-rest; but, it will recline up to 155 degrees and the arm-rests are 4 directional to move .

2. Respawn 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

ir?t=wp030 20&l=li3&o=1&a=B076HT2RFQrespawn 110 gaming chair 2021

Considered our most favorite gaming chair on our 2021 top 5 gaming chairs list and currently the same chair I’m sitting in at my computer to write this post, the Respawn 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair is a true reclining chair.

The Respawn 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair does include a fold-able foot-rest that will fold back under the 21″ wide seat for storage and the chair itself will recline at 130 degrees.

Unlike the Ewin Champion Series Gaming Chair, the Respawn 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair has static arm-rests that are non-adjustable and the chair itself is more durable to support a 275 Lb. individual (ok, I’m a chubby 240 Lbs that has had too much soda…so don’t make fun of me, LMAO!)

In addition to the differences, the arm-rests are attached to the 35″ long back-rest that make it beneficial to preventing gaming headset wires from getting tangled or hung up behind the hand-rest mounts.

Despite having a heavy duty steel construction and bonded leather, this gaming chair would need some readjusting…in terms of tightening up the screws on the arm-rests after some heavy use since they can work themselves loose (nothing impossible that thread locker can fix, right!)

Another slight disadvantage is the assembly will take some time to put the chair together…it took me close to 30 minutes to have my chair assembled on my own with no help!

3. GTRacing Bluetooth Gaming Chair (GT890M)

gtracing bluetooth gaming chair

Moving to potentially the most unique gaming chair on our recommended gaming chair list, the GTRacing Gaming Chair is a one-of-a-kind gaming chair with built-in dual Bluetooth speakers that is compatible with PS4 & Nintendo Switch consoles as well as a PC that has a Bluetooth card…suitable to stay pumped while play GTA V (instead of the lame provided music in-game)

The Bluetooth speakers on this gaming chair holds up to 6 hours of use before needed to be recharged and the Bluetooth speakers may only be connected to the compatible devices mentioned above through the GTRacing Bluetooth Adapter from a 15 foot distance.

Standing above 50 inches, the GTRacing Gaming Chair can recline at around 165 degrees even-though nobody should not try lay back since this chair can be unstable despite this chair supporting up to a 300-pound individual.

On the plus side, this chair is comfortable for sitting at longer periods of time even for non-gaming individuals that may have had back surgery recently and the steel framing the chair is built on makes durability another benefit.

4. AKRacing Core LX Gaming Chair

akracing core lx gaming chair

From an average figured gamer to supporting someone who may have very wide shoulders that would not be suitable for a slimmer built gaming chair, the AKRacing Core LX Gaming Chair meets this special requirement with the 23″ wide back rest.

This chair would be a great alternative compared to the Respawn 110 gaming chair if wanting to upgrade in the reliability department minus a foot-rest if it is not really needed to meet personal preferences as far as comfort.

The best benefit that makes the AKRacing Core LX Gaming Chair suitable for this list is that the faux leather and cold-cured foam makes the construction of this chair breathable. In addition to the breathable material, the head-rest and lumbar cushions are removable that allow for customization for the user.

5. Cougar Armor Titan Gaming Chair

cougar gaming armor titan chair

Round out our top 5 best gaming chairs of 2021 list, the Cougar Gaming Armor Titan Chair is sort of a rare gaming chair since the removable headrest improves on the head support by using a U-shaped headrest rather than the traditional rectangular style headrest used with the other 4 gaming chairs in this list.

In additional to differences from the other gaming chairs, the Cougar Armor Titan chair uses vinyl leather versus bonded leather or polyurethane material which makes this gaming chair more fragile and vulnerable to tearing.

Also, the leather design on the back-rest of the chair is a diamond-checkered pattern that makes it sort of have an old-school look compared to the 1960’s corvettes or similar cars that featured this design on their car seats.

While not the most comfortable in the list, the Cougar Gaming Armor Titan Chair may feel like sitting on a bench seat with springs; but, will support a 250-pound individual on the durability end.

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