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What happens when you turn your passion for playing a variety video games into your exciting opinions that would allow another gamer the same chance to play the same game you just played…You get Twisted. This is where our video game blog and walkthrough channel brings out truthful and up-front reviews for some of the best action-adventure and shooter style video games while also providing walk-through’s of the same video games we review on this blog. Hi, I’m Andrew, the man behind the content found on our home page of TornadoTwistar Gaming. My goal is to help you find out details of every game I play featured on our blog that will give insight to determine if it may or may not be what is expected.

About Andrew (aka “The Hammer”)

I became an individual that was taken into video games going back to the time when I was a young kid still playing Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo Entertainment System console that came out in the late 1980’s to the first time I played my first third-person shooter in the first Splinter Cell game that came out on the PS2 console in 2003. As a part of putting two and two together, it has helped me grow my interest further into enjoying other gaming titles since then such as your average Battlefield, Call of Duty, and Tomb Raider (Lara Croft needs some love, too.) game titles to name a few that have helped me as an average gamer to have fun and also develop my interest level for one video game to get myself ready for the next one. Besides spending my time playing my favorite games on the PC and blogging, I also spend my time and dedication working as an independent technical contractor and consultant that works with a variety of organizations like HP and Dell consultant groups in supporting new hardware such as your average storage servers, computer hardware, and printers that an organization uses. As another important detail of dedication, I also started going to school with University of Phoenix in 2013 where I earned both an Associate’s of Arts in Information Technology in 2015 and a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology earlier in 2019 Now that I’ve learned how to put education and focus up front, I hope to become a pioneer and help other gamers build confidence in the game titles put on my video game blog…

What does this Blog Offer and Why does it Exists

TornadoTwistar Gaming is a gaming blog and walk-through channel that provides a view into a number of video games that we find interesting and worth the hours of playing…Now you maybe wondering “What genre of video games do you feature on your blog?” To answer this question, our blogging site covers a number of popular video game titles mostly in the action-adventure, and first & third person shooter game titles (not to mention other genres that we may dabble in…as long as the game is interesting and might be worthwhile!!!) everyone would love from your typical Battlefield, Rainbow Six, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Wolfenstein, and many other gaming titles. Another question that is asked…”Do you cover anything outside of reviewing video games?” The answer to this question would also be: YES, since besides covering video game reviews on our site, we also provide individual reviews on hardware and video game accessories used to enhance gaming experiences for the person behind the controller/keyboard such as reviews on graphics cards, central processing units, webcams, and supporting software used by us as well as video game streamers found on Twitch and YouTube across the world.TornadoTwistar operates as a place for all gamers no matter if they are getting into collecting and playing video games for the first time as a hobby or a long-time veteran player that is looking for a second opinion before playing a title they may have never played before…Either way, our review site is for everybody regardless of opinions and we want to share in the variety as far as opinions! I hope you enjoy our blog and find it useful for your favorite video games in today’s 21st century. Thank you so much for your support!

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